Green Homes Grant Scheme Annnounced

The Chancellor has announced a new “Green Homes Grant” that will provide homeowners with vouchers worth up to £10,000 to subsidise or cover costs of making their homes more energy efficient. This scheme will launch in September 2020.

Obviously this is great news for homeowners that were considering energy effiency measures and provides much needed relief on their finances to have these installed. More importantly this also provides a great boost to the energy efficiency sector, ensuring that a large flow of work will be available for insulation, double glazing and heating installers from September onwards under the scheme. 

While the full details are not yet released, we so far know that it will definitely include:

  • Wall Insulation 
  •  Double Glazing
  •  Roof Insulation
There is a strong hope among the industry that this will cover a wide array of insulation measures as well as including funding towards new heating systems and technologies.

During interviews the chancellor mentioned that installers would be “accredited” however no specific detail has been given as to what requirements there will be for installers to take part in the scheme. It is our best guess that the government will use the “Trustmark” scheme to verify companies meet appropriate standards, however this is unconfirmed as of right now. As further details are released we will provide further details both here in our blogs and on our social media channels.

Currently the scheme is set to provide up to £5,000 for standard homeowners and landlords and then up to £10,000 for those on low income (criteria for low income is not yet published, however the grant is expected to cover the full cost of work for those that qualify).

We advise that based on past experience with the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, a similar scheme that ran from 2014-2015, installers should act quickly and be as prepared as possible for the launch of the scheme to ensure maximum benefit is achieved. 

Many businesses will have exisitng customers that may be unware of this scheme and now is an excellent time to start speaking to existing and new customers about how the grant may help them and to find out how you may be able to assist in the process in September.

Keep checking back here on our Blog, or follow our Twitter and Facebook for continued updates on this scheme!

If you are an installer of any of the above measures we highly recommend keeping track of news relating to this grant as it could prove to be an excellent source of work and a great path to recovering some of the challenges your business has faced during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are actively working with energy efficiency installers to ensure that they are kept up to date on the scheme requirements and are fully prepared for the launch of the grant in September. For any queries on working together to prepare for this scheme contact